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It's too common for NZ businesses to fail. Our mission here it to help Kiwi small businesses grow, spread their message and optimise their profit until they're full to the brim with success.

Over the last 4 years at INBOUND we’ve talked to over hundreds of people just like you. These are folks putting their butts on the line to build something they care about. They hit roadblocks, lose steam, search for direction… and Inbound helps them get clarity and grow online to take them to the next level.

We’ve learned a lot but the main thing we realised is there needed a more affordable way to help small businesses, startups and freelancers grow. To solve this, we launched GROWHQ.

What’s inside? With GROWHQ, you gain a lot more than search engine optimisation. We help you gather insights from competitors, gain traction through clarity and turn the digital side of the business into a walk in the park (if walking in the park led to more revenue!). We take consistent high quality steps each week with a deep focus on concrete results to help you gain traction faster than ever before. We take everything we’ve learned at our agency and apply it to this.

The results are incredible. There’s no smarmy tactics or marketing schemes, just real people delivering incredible results. If you’ve ever worked on a project alone, you know how much of a game changer an awesome team makes. We not only come on board as search engine optimisers, we also come on board to help with questions, advice or anything you need to grow your business online.

It’s easy to join. Your first week is free. After that, if you choose to stick with it, membership starts at only $500 a month. GROWHQ is a small-businesses-minded alternative to the $6,000+ packages we usually offer. We hope to see you inside!

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"With a partnership approach from day 1, the team has demonstrated the ability to adjust to our increasing needs with quality. I am a happy INBOUND customer and would recommend them to anyone wanting a refreshing approach to inbound marketing."


Priscila Bernardes

Head of Sales and Marketing, Lancom

HubSpot Ambassador, New Zealand


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