Excited?! So are we.


So before we sign you up, let's explain exactly what's going to be happening. Unlike the other guys, we like to show off our stuff before we talk money, not the other way around. This way you get a great sense of who we are, the level of work we do, and exactly how much we can grow your business.

You could say we're pretty confident in our work!

So here's exactly what will be happening:

  • Once you click the button down the bottom of this page, we'll send you to a sign up page. 

  • Fill in that form and we'll send you a welcome email with a little intro about who we are.

  • We will follow up with a call within one business day to ask a few more questions about your business and arrange a coffee date if you're in Auckland as we love to meet all of our clients. If you're no in Auckland, never fear, we have technology!

  • We use the info we gathered on the phone to put together something special. During our meeting we'll probably whip out the briefcase below as it'll contain some pre-work we've already done for you. This will include a:

    • Competitor analysis

    • Growth potential analysis

    • Website health checklist


By now you'll be pretty impressed. We've already blown the socks off your previous expectations. We then continue to find out where your business currently is, where you want the business to go and we tailor a plan to fit those needs with your budget in mind.

We then go our separate ways, now feeling a slight buzz from the caffeine (and the engaging conversations!). On your side you sit back and relax and enjoy a week of free services. On our side we start your free trial. This is a week of free work that you receive if we feel like you're a perfect fit to become one of our clients!

Throughout the week you'll receive an email the day we start, on day three and we finish off with a phone call or another catch-up to go over what we've done.

By now, you're pretty blown away. You demand we start immediately and we start a happy relationship together!

Oh my, this all sounds perfect but...

Oh no... you're a but person. Okay, well let's clarify a few things before you make a decision on whether or not you want to take the first step to get some awesome free value (I never knew giving away free value would be so hard).

A no-stress, cancel anytime policy - Once we're making massive progress for your business, if you need to cancel for any reason you can. We deal with a lot of small businesses and we know how important emergency cash-flow can be so never fear - no 6 month contracts around these parts!

An almost stupid 30 day money back guarantee - If you're not happy after 30 days with the progress, no worries. We'll give you a complete refund. Furthermore, if we gave you something to do and you can prove that you've taken action on three things we've suggested, we'll give you double your money back. Yup... we're that confident in what we do.

If you're still saying but after all of this, chances are we aren't a good fit!

Still feel free to give us a buzz and we'll happily recommend you to another SEO provider who might be a better fit.

Alternatively, if you're an action taker and ready to start achieving the results you deserve for your business, yourself and your family, click the button below and fill out the form on the next page.

"Knowledgeable and very approachable, Steven worked to empower our staff to better understand the mechanics behind search engine optimization (SEO), the relationship between website design and customer engagement, and search engine ranking improvement; allowing us to make informed advertising and marketing decisions and ultimately increase our customer base. Thanks Steven!"

Callum Wallach | Wreck Room

“Fantastic assistance. Has really helped me optimise my website. Although I know very little about SEO he understood what I wanted to do and just went ahead and got things going. Would highly recommend.”

Stuart Blake | Traffic Lawyer